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RYO Audition Requirements for Tuba

RYO will be a strings ensemble for Fall 2021

AYO Audition Requirements for Tuba

Scales and arpeggios

All scales and arpeggios are to be MEMORIZED. Scales listed are your starting note. Do not transpose to concert pitch. The GMEA pattern is acceptable, two octaves is preferred except where noted differently.

Tuba: Major Scales on D, A, E (2 octaves), all with arpeggios. Chromatic Scale 2 octaves on Ab.

Solo Piece (played without accompaniment)

Student should choose a piece that demonstrates their best ability.

Required Excerpts

Download AYO Excerpts for Tuba for Fall 2021

Sight Reading

Students will be asked to sight-read one or two examples at the AYO level.

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