Lyric Strings Ensemble (LSE)

The Lyric Strings Ensemble (LSE), is the second tier string ensemble in the Armstrong Youth Orchestra Program (AYO Program), and is intended for advanced beginner and intermediate level string students. We place our music students by ability as demonstrated during their audition and NOT by age. All music that LSE plays will be in first and second position. This group plays repertoire at a graded Level 3 in the state of Georgia.

It is strongly advised that all Lyric Strings Ensemble students obtain a private lesson teacher, as the once-a-week group ensemble experience alone is not enough to progress and develop a solid technical foundation.

Lyric Strings (LSE) rehearsals will be held on Saturday mornings from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Rehearsals will be in Room 202 (choir room, second floor) in the GSU Fine Arts Hall of the Armstrong Campus. Please arrive at 10:15 to tune and set up.

Rehearsal Schedule for the Fall 2019 Semester:

  • September 7: First Rehearsal Canceled
  • September 14: Regular Rehearsal
  • September 21: Regular Rehearsal
  • September 28: Regular Rehearsal & Final due date for T-shirts
  • October 5: Regular Rehearsal
  • October 12: Regular Rehearsal
  • October 19: Regular Rehearsal
  • October 26: Please come at 10 a.m. wearing your costume to rehearsal. LSE students will leave your cases in the choir room #202 (our normal rehearsal room). We will have our Dress Rehearsal in the Recital Room that morning. After the Dress Rehearsal, please wait for the concert to begin in our normal rehearsal room (#202).
  • October 26: Halloween Concert on Stage @ 11:30 a.m.
  • November 2: Regular Rehearsal
  • November 7: Extra THURSDAY Rehearsal
  • November 9: Regular Rehearsal
  • November 16: Regular Rehearsal
  • November 23: Dress Rehearsal (Morning time TBA)
  • Sunday, November 24: Fall Concert @ 3 p.m. (Warm-up rehearsal at 2 p.m.)

Required Concert Attire  Audition Requirements By Instrument

Spring 2020: Important Dates for SSE, LSE and RYO

  • January 8: Auditions for New Students
  • January 18: First Rehearsal
  • March 21: Spring Break – NO Rehearsal
  • May 2: Dress Rehearsal (Time TBA)
  • May 4: Pending Spring Concert (Fine Arts Auditorium) @ 6:30 p.m.