The Armstrong Youth Orchestra is comprised of 4 student ensembles:

Serenade Strings Ensemble

Serenade Strings Ensemble (SSE) is the entry-level string ensemble in the Armstrong Youth Orchestra (AYO) Program. This group is designed for beginning-level string musicians who have already played in an ensemble, or intermediate-level musicians new to orchestral playing. More about SSE

Lyric Strings Ensemble

Lyric Strings Ensemble (LSE) is the second tier string ensemble, and is intended for advanced beginner and intermediate level string students. All music that LSE plays will be in first and second position. This group plays repertoire at a graded Level 3 in the state of Georgia. More about LSE

Repertory Youth Orchestra

Repertory Youth Orchestra (RYO), is a “full orchestra ensemble” (strings, plus woodwinds, brass, and percussion) for intermediate and advancing level musicians. RYO performs arrangements of standard classical orchestral repertoire at a graded Level 4. More about RYO

Armstrong Youth Orchestra

The Armstrong Youth Orchestra (AYO) is the most advanced ensemble in our Armstrong Youth Orchestra Program. Students in this ensemble are ready to learn major symphonic repertoire instead of student arrangements. More about AYO