DSE Required Concert Attire

Gentlemen will wear black dress pants, a white long-sleeved pressed dress shirt, black satin bow tie and black satin cummerbund, black socks and black dress shoes. Please order the black satin bow tie and cummerbund from Formal Fashions Inc. They also carry dress shirts and dress pants. Their pants do NOT arrive hemmed.

Ladies will wear a long black skirt, a white blouse with short bell sleeves, and black dress shoes. Closed toe is preferred. Please note that sandals and clogs are not permitted. Parents may order these outfits online directly from the distributor at Formal Fashions Inc.

PLEASE take measurements and follow the size chart on line. The size you will need to order WILL be different than what you buy in a department store. Please allow ample time to order these garments, and also allow time for hemming the skirts. The skirts do NOT come hemmed. Last fall they took 4 weeks to arrive, so please order in plenty of time for the November concert.


Blouses should also be ordered from Formal Fashions Inc.
Style # 9702AA, Performance Knit: White: $30.
 Again, please view the size chart.


A new student entering the program should order their skirt from Formal Fashions Inc.

Choose one of the following two skirt styles:

  • Style #504FAA Performance Knit: Black: $28 (an A-line skirt)
  • Style #502FAA Performance Knit: Black: $31 (a fuller skirt –good for cellists)

Upon receipt, the skirt will need to be hemmed 6 – 8 inches off the floor in bare feet. For safety’s sake (carrying instrument, bow and music), we recommend that the girls in these ensembles hem their skirts to 8 inches off the floor.