Lucca Radosavljevic, 2023 AYO Concerto Competition Winner

The winner of the 2023 Concerto Competition was Lucca Radosavljevic, double bass soloist, who played the Concert in E major for Double Bass by Carl Dittersdorf (first movement, Allegro Moderato).

Before moving to Savannah in the Spring of 2019, Lucca Radosavljevic spent a few years in Serbia, the homeland of his father, Vladimir Radosavljevic, and seven more years in Brazil, his country of birth. Upon his arrival to the U.S., Lucca initially lived in Southampton, New York, but soon moved to Savannah to live with his father, where he began playing double bass under the tutelage of Branka Ivanovic, his stepmother. Within only a few months, he had his first orchestra performance at the Savannah Classical Academy and within several more months, he auditioned for the Savannah Arts Academy (SAA), having the joy of being accepted in February of 2020.

As a freshman, Lucca won first place in a regional GMEA competition as well as performed in a virtual performances event at SAA. Additionally, in the spring of 2021, he was accepted into the All-State full orchestra and joined AYO. As a sophomore, he performed the first movement of the Pichl Concerto for the SAA student body during an end-of-year event and acted as principal bass for the All-State String Orchestra. Furthermore, in February of 2022, he joined the GSU Festival orchestra, in which he continued to perform in 2023.

Finally, in more recent times Lucca has acted as assistant principal bass player at the All-State 11/12 string ensemble and principal bass player at the SavPhil/GSU side-to-side concert. For the summer of 2023, he is one of two bass players in Georgia nominated as finalists for the Governor’s Honors Program (GHP). In the future, Lucca hopes to keep taking part in Savannah’s musical community, as well as continue studying music as a major or minor in college.