Vehicle Registration

ALL Youth Orchestra families are required to register their vehicles with the GSU Campus Police. If you park on campus and are not registered as a day visitor or an AYO Program member, you WILL be ticketed.

There is a $5.00 registration fee for each Youth Orchestra family. We are allowed two (2) vehicles per family. You must complete one registration form for EACH vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Forms are available here on our AYO website, in the Lobby on Saturdays, and at semester auditions.

Vehicle Registration Form

Completed forms are to be returned to Miss Anna, our Ensembles Manager. She will obtain your decals from Campus Police and have them available for you ASAP.


  • Our decals are ONLY good for Student parking spaces unless it is after 5pm.
  • You WILL get a ticket if you park in a Faculty parking spot.
  • No Back-in parking.

If you have been given a ticket:

If you think the ticket is in error: Please talk to Miss Anna. She can usually be found in the Lobby during Saturday rehearsal or can be reached at The more quickly you bring the ticket in, the easier it is to get it handled correctly.

If the ticket is not in error, it can be paid at the Campus Police front desk or online.

If you are an Armstrong Student: You will not be able to get the free AYO vehicle registration. You must register as a student and pay the fee. This applies to full time ASU students as well as those high school students who are dual-enrolled.

Campus Police is located at the intersection of Arts Drive and Library across the campus from the Fine Arts Building. On the map link below Campus Police are in Building 16 and the Fine Arts Building is number 12.

Campus Police are open 24/7, and can by reached by phone at 912-344-3333.

The ASU Campus Map:
The ASU Campus Police Parking and Transportation policy: